METAL MANIA (2010) PREDATOR IS OUT FOR BLOOD! I came across this cd on my desk several days ago and immediately checked it out. I was so impressed I logged on to their my space page to take a closer look at these boys. Very impressive lot, these guys. Here is a band with outstanding talent who have earned their popularity without the aid of MTV, VH1, radio or even mainstream magazines. PREDATOR is one the latest additions to the international label, Arctic Music, a tight family of Metal bands who produce nothing but heavy and brutal thrash metal. The five man band is based in Ft Lauderdale, FL and their debut cd-dvd set is a most impressive collection of thrash metal anthems which showcase the amazing vocal power of lead singer Nestor Aguirre and the fiery dual guitar team of Damien Lee Thorr and Chris Reiser. The songs are among the coolest thrash collections I’ve heard since Slayer’s Reign In Blood. Very impressive lyrics from Damien Lee Thorr, too. Overall, a great debut that I strongly recommend for every metal head out there. Predator are the newest masters of brutal thrash. Trust me, check these guys out. Another thing to be applauded is their “Closet Anti-Christ” dvd. It is a great song about domestic violence and these boys are promising to donate a portion of their proceeds to help organizations devoted to helping women in distress.

Very cool, indeed! JJ Dean………..METAL MANIA

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